A project by Micah Purnell & PassionArt with The Centre for Theology & Justice

We all do things because we long to belong. 
What do you do?

... because I long to belong

I work hard

go out

I drive myself half crazy looking for a Christian community to join

I seek the Truth and want to live.

I turn up

I have held onto the faith story I grew up in

I’ve joined a choir

Family is so important to me

I want to be a part of a community that accepts me as I am

I want to be known and understood

I need affection

i want you to long to belong

drink too much

trespassing discrimination

I live here and now, and I care

I wait until the perfect time

I cry

Try and find the positives to keep people upbeat

I hide behind an acceptable facade

I overthink

I swallow my own feelings

I always say yes

I try too hard

I keep trying to go to church even when they let me down

I will stay to the bitter end

I can be someone else

I don’t speak up

I try not to stand out

I avoid conflict

I blog my creative endeavours and respond to things like this

We practice collective rituals

I don’t disagree with people

I listen to others

I order a takeaway dinner

I shave daily

I eat more quavers

I open my heart

I pretend to care

I rebel

I comply

I go round and round in circles

I teach

I have a family

I eat chocolate

I feel lost and alone

I had 4 children

I play sport

I try to help others

I travel far

I love people as they are

I try to fit in

I buy new shoes

I compete

I skate

I pretend to like people

I do things I don’t want to

I try new things

I watch football

I spend

I cry